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Wizdom - Dental Education Solutions

Our mission statement:

"Fostering Relationships within the Dental Community"

Our goal is to unite local dental communities through education. 

Each Chapter's members are from the 
actual community in which the meetings are held. 

Every community is unique and we want our members
 to be peers that practice just down the street from one another.

We want them to come together, educate themselves, and work together 
to collectively provide their community with excellent dental care.

We invite the local specialists in the area to present.
 This gives them the opportunity to can get to know the local professionals that they rely on for referrals.

In turn, the professionals have the opportunity to really get to know 
the specialists in which they are intrusting their patients. 

We limit our membership at each chapter
 so we are able to keep our small community environment.

Our chapter locations are limitless so if anyone want one in their area,
 Wizdom can make that happen.

Our classes are always clinical/scientific based and are accredited by PACE Academy.

The tuition is the same for all staff members. 
We value our members and believe a reasonable fair rate
 which does not discriminate due to a clinicians position in the practice.
  We have also have a platform that can keep tract of your 
CEs online at no additional cost to the member.

Thank you for visiting our site and we appreciate the opportunity to
 help you provide quality care to your dental community.

Tracy Jacobs
Wizdom - Des
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